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Badges & Badges Pills

Basic badges

You can use tags to highlight anywhere content.

Default Primary Success Info Warning Danger Royal

Example of badges in titles

Example heading New

Example heading New

Example heading New

Example heading New

Example heading New
Example heading New

<span class="badge badge-default">Default</span>
<span class="badge badge-primary">Primary</span>
<span class="badge badge-success">Success</span>
<span class="badge badge-info">Info</span>
<span class="badge badge-warning">Warning</span>
<span class="badge badge-danger">Danger</span>
<span class="badge badge-royal">Royal</span>

Badges Pills

Circle Buttons

4 155 4 14 24 84
4 155 4 14 24 84
<span class="badge-pill">5</span>
<span class="badge-pill badge-pill-square">
<span class="badge-pill badge-pill-round">48</span>
<span class="badge-pill badge-pill-primary">5</span>
<span class="badge-pill badge-pill-danger">5</span>
<span class="badge-pill badge-pill-warning">5</span>
<span class="badge-pill badge-pill-info">5</span>
<span class="badge-pill badge-pill-success">5</span>
<span class="badge-pill badge-pill-royal">5</span>
<span class="badge-pill badge-pill-orange">5</span>
<span class="badge-pill badge-pill-pink">5</span>

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